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Heaner Design Group was contracted by The Partnership for Greater Greenwood County & Economic Alliance to complete an initial feasibility study of a 186 acre site in consideration for a research park development in Greenwood County, near the existing Greenwood Genetic Center campus.  The study consisted of numerous due diligence tasks such as a Boundary Survey, a Topographic Survey, an existing infrastructure assessment, a Jurisdictional Wetland Delineation, a Preliminary Geotechnical Study, a Phase I Environmental Assessment, an Endangered Species Survey, and a Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Survey.  Upon its completion, the data was then utilized by Heaner to master plan the proposed research park and to make professional recommendations to the owner for development possibilities.  A critical component towards the project’s objective would be the construction of a road through the site, which would connect the new park to the existing campuses of the Greenwood Genetic Center and Greenwood Community Children’s Center. 

As a result of the initial due diligence study and master planning, Heaner Design Group was then contracted to design the park’s main road as well as to obtain the necessary permits from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC), the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE), and South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).  A key element of the park was the design of the main road’s intersection with West Alexander Avenue and Joe Bernat Drive.  Modifications to the existing conditions were necessary in order to more safely accommodate and manage the expected increase in traffic due to the development of the park.  Upon completing this design, Heaner Design Group drafted all contract documents, coordinated the bidding process, and saw the project throughout its construction.  Today, the road has been completed and the park is now open for business.